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Millions lost in affiliate how to prevent it

Millions are lost everyday on affiliates because the minimum payout is never reach.

Most of us start barely knowing how the affiliates work. Take me for example one day I decided it to start a porn blog about free celebrity sex tapes. I read about how people were making money with adult affiliates so I decided to try it. For that I picked Adult Friend Finder Affiliate I soon started to make around $0.50 cents a day but then one day I got my hands on a recently leaked sex tape "Jenni Rivera sex tape" soon after I posted the video my site went from doing $0.50 cents a day to making about $200.00 in a day I was like wow, too bad it lasted only for a week.
Soon after that and not knowing exactly how everything works online I abandoned the blog and almost never posted anything on it which is a bad thing of course. Now looking at my earning particularly Adult Friend Finder Network I learned that every affiliate account has a minimum payment amount that you have to reach before actually getting paid. So if you promote  many sites like I did chances are that you will end up loosing some money in the process why because some account do not work as well and you never reach the minimum require for payment.

That does not mean the affiliate is not working what you need to do is choose the right affiliate for your site content. For example if your site niche is about cheating wifes videos the smart thing to promote would be "No Sting Attached" affiliate.

The only way to prevent or minimize this from happening is really choosing and choosing well. Be smart and careful when you choose your next affiliate.

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